Cloud-based SNMP monitoring

Cloud-based SNMP monitoring

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Uptrends Infra includes full support for SNMP monitoring, and makes it easy for you to retrieve data through SNMP directly. By continuously collecting data from your devices, you can start to see trends that were previously difficult to detect. Just like any other type of sensor available in Uptrends Infra, SNMP sensor data will be displayed in interactive dashboards that you can use to analyse the behavior of your device, and react to unexpected situations quickly.

Monitor network devices and more

Let’s look at an example: Your router or hardware firewall provides a way to inspect network bandwidth usage. That data is usually available through a proprietary web page that is built into the router. While it’s easy to access that on an ad-hoc basis, it is rather difficult to actively monitor and collect long-term data, and detect unexpected conditions such as a sudden increase or unusual drop in network traffic.

Fortunately, most routers and other networking devices support SNMP. When you use Uptrends Infra’s SNMP monitoring tools to pull that data from your device, suddenly you have all of the rich monitoring, reporting and alerting capabilities at your disposal; even for the most detailed measurements like your router’s CPU and memory usage, device temperature, traffic data per port, and so on.

Object Identifiers

The OIDs are determined by the device’s manufacturer, and most hardware manufacturers publish the OIDs in their documentation and in library files called MIBs: Management Information Bases. Alternatively, there are several websites that let you search for your particular device and browse through all the available SNMP information. OIDs consist of a string of numbers, separated by dots. Typically, an OID looks like this: Once you have the appropriate OID, simply paste it in your sensor settings to start monitoring.

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