Infrastructure Monitoring with ITRS Opsview

IT infrastructure and Cloud Monitoring with ITRS Opsview

ITRS Opsview gives your business 24/7 SaaS monitoring for your entire IT estate. Reduce your infrastructure costs and realign your resources to focus on business-value IT projects.

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Protect your IT networks and infrastructure

When your infrastructure is not working as expected, you want to be on top of things. ITRS Opsview gives you the capability to monitor, detect and resolve issues early and completely. Be confident that whenever problems arise, you get the notifications to act quickly and get your team moving. ITRS Opsview is built on a rock-solid monitoring heritage used by the world’s smartest Operations and DevOps teams.

Monitor more with Opspacks

Monitor operating systems, networks, cloud, VMs, containers, databases, applications, and more. Over 200 ITRS Opsview-supported Opspacks and 4,500+ plug-ins via Nagios Exchange allow complete coverage where you need it most.


Completely customizable based on your business needs and 100% managed for you by ITRS Opsview experts. ITRS Opsview API allows for easy two-way communication and workflow.


Easy to scale up and monitor the most complex infrastructures. ITRS Opsview monitors most servers, workstations, databases, network devices, and applications out-of-the-box.


Designed with usability in mind, with a UI offering one unified view of your monitored services, including many monitoring, reporting, and configuration options.

Auto Discovery

Get powerful auto discovery features that scan and identify devices in your environment.

Network visualisation

Powerful and easy-to-use with a wide selection of graphs and objects in the details of your reporting.


Use peers to seamlessly setup redundant monitoring and instant synchronization of your IT configuration.

Performance Reporting

Visually inspect your data in reports that are easily understood and shared with your team.

Monitor anything, anywhere - no dark corners

ITRS Opsview delivers value quickly via Opspacks, automation, and integrations with Nagios-compatible plugins, notification platforms like PagerDuty, or incident management frameworks like JIRA, and analytics platforms like Splunk.

View alerts in the event table and metrics in memory usage tile

No compromise cloud agility

ITRS Opsview Monitor is a best-in-class, run anywhere enterprise monitoring platform. We stand behind your deployment with 24/7 availability, updates and upgrades and more without downtime.

Data Security & Compliance

ITRS Opsview is ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant under regulatory industry requirements for data protection. Data is backed up regularly for summary reporting for negotiated intervals with access to low-cost bulk cloud storage.

Ditch the silos

ITRS Opsview Cloud automatically raises and updates tickets, transmits notifications into shared chat channels, alerts mobile users supporting escalation and response processing systems.

ITRS Opsview Collectors

Quickly installed and configured, Collectors run close to monitored infrastructure, on virtual machines and easily deployed from ITRS Opsview-provided images.

Low complexity monitoring

ITRS Opsview integrates seamlessly with your IT Ops management, Issue Tracking, Notifications, IT Automation processes and more. Current integrations are built into each release of ITRS Opsview.

Witness the power of Opsview today

Start monitoring your network and IT infrastructure with ITRS Opsview.

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