Monitor SSL Certificate expiration and properties from the cloud

As a website owner, you want to be certain that your website handles sensitive data in a secure way. When users log in and provide their password, or when they are submitting or downloading sensitive data, you want to make sure that the connection between their browser and your server is secure. To enable secure, encrypted traffic, you install an SSL certificate on your webservers, and that is what enables you to have the HTTPS URLs that your users know and trust.

However, even though installing security certificates seems like a one-time operation, you still need to verify that the secure connection keeps working. The certificate will eventually expire, and certificates might be a target for hackers if your server gets compromised. With Uptrends you can not only monitor your HTTPS webpages, but also the SSL certificates themselves, in order to provide a safeguard so that the expiration date and other properties are up to date and correct. Uptrends provides SSL Certificate monitoring to ensure that you get notified about expired or hacked certificates, avoiding any negative impact on your online business.  

Monitor the expiration and validity of your SSL certificate continuously.

Depending on the SSL certificate you acquired, it will typically expire after one or more years. Security certificates need to be renewed and re-installed before they expire. If you forget to renew them, it will definitely have a negative impact on your organization’s websites, applications, and security. This can be especially true for visitors and customers receiving the “Connection Untrusted” message when accessing your online service, whose trust in your website can be greatly undermined by such messages: they can’t be certain anymore that it really is your website they are interacting with, and that no one was able to tamper with the data traffic.

This is why clients around the world entrust Uptrends to continuously monitor the expiration dates of their SSL certificates and why you should as well.  The SSL certificate probe type allows you to define how many days in advance that you want to receive an alert prior to your SSL certificates’ expiration date. This ensures that you will have enough time to renew the SSL certificate. In the event that the certificate does expire, Uptrends will send you an alert when our service detects that the SSL certificate has expired.

Monitor the properties of SSL certificates as well

Do you know if hackers have compromised your servers and replaced your certificates with false ones? An SSL certificate has a unique fingerprint.  In order to help you keep your customers' online shopping experience and banking transactions from being compromised,  Uptrends compares the correct SSL certificate fingerprint, that you specify,  to the live one being used on your servers every few minutes from more than 110 locations around the globe. Uptrends will check for a number of properties that should have fixed values in the certificate, including the organization name, serial number, issuer name, etc.  If one of these properties is different, Uptrends will immediately send you alerts by e-mail and SMS. This way, you will find out immediately when something is wrong with your SSL certificates, and this will help you to avoid any negative impact on your business.

Uptrends does much more than SSL certificate monitoring

Uptrends is the all-in-one web performance monitoring solution. With a global monitoring network of more than 110 checkpoints, we can monitor uptime, the speed of your website and multi-page scenarios. We can also monitor many server protocols in detail, including advanced DNS checks, which can further contribute to the security of your online business.

Use Uptrends from the cloud. You can log in, manage settings and view reports at any location. We can send you alerts by SMS and e-mail. You can also manage settings and view reports with our iPhone, Android and Windows Apps.