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SSL Certificate Expiration Monitoring

Monitor your SSL Certificate expiration and properties

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SSL Certificate

Ensure the security of your website

The "S" in HTTPS means "secure," and behind that security is your SSL certificate. The certificate says to the user that you are whom you say you are, and the certificate ensures a secure encrypted connection between the user and your site. If your certificate expires or becomes compromised, browsers start blocking your site to protect users. Uptrends' SSL Certificate Monitoring keeps track of your expiration dates, watches for errors, and checks key values to make sure nobody changes anything without you knowing about it.

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Verify your secure connection is still working

Even though installing security certificates seems like a one-time operation, you still need to verify that the secure connection keeps working. Certificates expire and hackers target them, so protecting them with Uptrends just makes sense. Uptrends HTTPS monitor checks for uptime, but SSL monitors check the expiration dates and compares values to make sure your SSL certificates remain valid and safe. You protect your site, your users, and you avoid unnecessary downtime due to SSL certificate issues.

Monitor the expiration and validity of your SSL certificate continuously

Browsers, starting late in 2020, require shorter durations on certificates, so expiration dates come faster. Auto renewals may make things a little easier, but credit cards expire, cards get canceled, and staff turnover leaves tasks forgotten. Once a certificate expires, your site is essentially down until you renew and re-install the certificate. Expired certificates negatively impact your organization’s websites, applications, and security. Visitors that receive the dreaded “Connection Untrusted” browser message turn to the competition damaging revenue and reputation. Visitors lose confidence in your products and your brands.

Root-cause report
Root-cause report

Monitor essential SSL certificate values to watch for hackers

Uptrends can do more than send you reminders about expiration dates. Your certificate has information that, if changed, can render your certificate invalid or may indicate a hacker has spoofed your certificate. Comparing serial numbers, fingerprints, and other important values can quickly identify a hack taking place. You will have the information you need all in one place to protect an important asset that often gets neglected or forgotten.

Secure your website and monitor your SSL certificates

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