Still using Smartbear’s AlertSite monitors?

More and more users are turning to Uptrends’ monitoring solutions because we offer more value to our customers than our competitors. We’re so confident that you’ll agree, we’re offering a 30% discount to make the switch from AlertSite.

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No gimmicks, hidden costs or surprises

How many times have you subscribed to a service only to experience sticker shock due to hidden fees, taxes, and surcharges?

Uptrends doesn’t charge extra for its 233 global checkpoints, retest on errors, error snapshots - no hidden costs!

With our worldwide network of checkpoints, you can determine the location of local outages.

Record your transactions like a pro without having to be one

Over 2/3 of the world uses Google Chrome as their internet browser, which is why Uptrends’ Transaction Recorder is offered as a Chrome browser extension to monitor shopping carts, payment providers, forms, logins and more.

It’s streamlined, elegant functionality allows you to monitor transactions the same way your users experience your site. SmartBear’s AlertSite transaction monitor is a Firefox plugin that’s hard to use and requires some programming. It’s just not able to keep up with the latest browsers meaning you will have trouble monitoring the latest technologies.

Monitor critical transactions
“My experience with Uptrends has been great! They saved us money over AlertSite, and customer support has been excellent!”
Jason Vculek, Senior IT Administrator at Nelnet

APIs fuel your business

Don’t run out of gas due to undetected performance issues

Today, the majority of software uses or is an API. When they break undetected, a whole chain of events can unfold that are bad for business. AlertSite doesn’t offer Multi-step API Monitoring — Uptrends does.

With top-to-bottom performance monitoring, you’ll be able to test from 233 worldwide checkpoints, verify API functionality, and get alerted immediately when something breaks. If you’re using programs like Postman, Fiddler or SoapUI to test your API, automated continuous testing will keep your APIs up and running 24/7.

View all your API performance monitoring data in one overview

AlertSite users, give Uptrends a try

Still on the fence about making the switch from AlertSite to Uptrends? How about test driving Uptrends free for 30 days with no obligation? Then, let Uptrends’ team of performance experts guide you toward delivering a seamless, pain-free migration.

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