API Monitoring
to protect your business.

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Maintain API availability 

Your API needs to communicate seamlessly all the time; Uptrends can help! Keep everything online, even when you're not around.


That's right; we are not biased towards a particular protocol; we support any type of web API! Begin monitoring your API in just minutes. 

RegEx pattern matching

Use multiple regular expressions to set up complex pattern matching regardless of whether your API returns XML or JSON responses.

Just a few simple steps 

Enter the web service URL, authentication credentials, any HTTP request headers, and pattern matching to begin monitoring.

Continuously test your
API responses.

Are you using programs like Postman or Fiddler to test your API? We love those tools too, but manual testing will only get you so far. You need continuous automated testing to monitor changing circumstances, for example:

  • Failing resources,
  • Network issues,
  • Availability of the underlying database,
  • Expired security credentials, and
  • Much more!

Third party APIs can
break your application too.

Your website could still be using an API even if you’re not providing one. Your applications could break if the APIs run slow or experience errors. Uptrends will protect you around the clock with web service monitoring.

Constant availability

Your web services online
all the time.

Keep your applications and web services functioning correctly with Uptrends API Monitoring.

HTTP request headers

Include any HTTP request headers needed to execute the request successfully when setting up your API monitor.  

Worldwide web service monitoring

Select from our global network of monitoring checkpoints, totaling 168 independent locations from all over the world.

24/7 API monitoring

We will consistently monitor for usability and functionality. Be the first to know when your API malfunctions!

Start monitoring your web services today 

Provide the API URL, authentication, and any HTTP request headers to begin your API monitoring within minutes!

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