A positive brand experience starts with web monitoring

Protecting your brand and its reputation means making sure your user experience is always on point. Empower your marketing team with website monitoring.

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Attractive layout and killer content don’t cut it if your web presence doesn’t offer the experience your visitors or users expect. Sure, your Operations team has your back, so you’ll know about outages asap. Go that extra mile and know exactly where and how to improve your marketing site’s experience, to guarantee user satisfaction around the clock.

Drive your sales - don’t drive away your customers

Minimize the cost of website outages. Downtime costs you 100% of your online business during an outage.

  • Reduce site abandonment. Even the most brand-loyal customers will flip over to your competitors when they find your site down.
  • Catch outages before they affect customers and revenue.
  • Stay on top of uptime with Website Availability Monitoring.
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Know your web applications work every time

Protect your transactions with Web Application Monitoring by testing complete user scenarios, such as logging in, managing a shopping cart, and making reservations.

  • Stay informed and confident that your web transactions keep working.
  • Lower cart abandonment rates. 20% of abandoned carts are due to faulty checkout experiences.
  • Build your brand, establish a good reputation, and driving traffic; don’t let glitchy transactions ruin it for you.
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