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“We couldn’t find anything that could do what we needed until we found Uptrends.”

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Bitly is a SaaS (Software as a Service) business with offices in New York City, Denver, and San Francisco. Bitly helps improve user experience by providing individuals and companies with shortened, branded URLs. In this interview, we talk with Kyle Moschetto, Director of DevOps at Bitly.

Bitly Enterprise provides branded links, mobile deep linking, omnichannel campaign tracking, and audience intelligence. To support their mission to optimize the link so marketers can own the customer experience, Bitly is focused on improving the customer experience across the globe.

“We set up our monitoring in one day, and we were using it by the end of the week.”

Bitly needed a monitoring solution to ensure that they provided their users, regardless of location, the best possible experience. After an exhaustive search, Bitly found everything they needed and more at Uptrends.

The turnkey solution

Your business isn’t website monitoring, so why should you have to invest a lot of time into setting up and maintaining your monitors. Uptrends' strives to create a web application that empowers you to set up your monitoring and alert notifications quickly.

“We couldn’t find anything out there that could do what we needed until we found Uptrends, and Uptrends gave us the exact fit we needed: capability, global testing scope, ease of use. It was a no-brainer. We set up our monitoring in one day, and we were using it by the end of the week. Uptrends’ tech team was very helpful; Uptrends support helped us get up and running and helped us solve any problems we had. It’s kind of a turnkey solution. We were able to just jump right in and put Uptrends in use immediately.”

We keep our sales and support staff well trained to help you get the most out of your monitoring service. We listen to your needs so that Uptrends monitoring can continue to evolve to meet growing needs and changes in technology. Your Uptrends account manager is always ready to help you choose and set up the right solution for your business. The knowledge base can answer many of your questions, but when you need additional help, support is always just a phone call, chat session, or email away.

A global business needs a worldwide solution

To take your business to a worldwide market, you need the ability to monitor your website or web service from your customer’s location. Uptrends 233 global checkpoints allow you to conduct your tests from practically anywhere in the world.

With Uptrends you will know if your customers in Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, London, Atlanta, Sydney, or Morocco need more bandwidth, have connection issues, or they can’t log in.

“We needed to be able to test from a lot of locations, and we needed to be able to customize everything: what we checked, how often we checked, globally sourced smoke tests, and tests against our SLAs. We weren’t looking for just another monitor; we were looking for the next generation intelligent monitor. We need to be able to auto-resolve DNS entries, and then be able to test those from a large geographically dispersed number of locations. To be honest, we chose Uptrends because Uptrends met all of those things.”

Get alerts your way

We built Uptrends with teams and communication in mind. You have the option to set up escalations and duty shifts to get the alert to the right person or teams.

“The alerting system has been very useful to us. We integrated Uptrends with Slack, so it noisily notifies us of anything. We are able to act very quickly; our average time to respond to outages has gone down.”

Also, you can configure your systems to send alerts using the Uptrends API, or you can use Uptrends' SMS, phone/voice, or email alerts. Other popular options included push notifications with the Uptrends app, integrations with Slack, PagerDuty, StatusHub, ServiceNow, VictorOps, or use custom webhooks.

Supercharge your digital experience like Bitly

Bitly found that Uptrends' flexibility and capabilities fit their requirements and integrated seamlessly into their pre-established communications systems. Learn how you can ensure website reachability worldwide. Talk to one of our monitoring experts today!

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