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Alertfox quits, so you're looking for a new monitoring partner. We hear you! Uptrends website monitoring offers the same solutions and much more; let us tell you all about it.

Uptime Monitoring

Uptrends' checkpoint network contains 223 checkpoints. Tackling localized issues is easy because we've got your customers' locations covered.

Web Application Monitoring

Monitor multi-step transactions such as shopping carts, login, search, and forms. Easily create your click paths with the Transaction Recorder tool.

Multi-step API Monitoring

Set up continuous automated API testing to monitor changing circumstances. Monitor your API uptime, and set up API calls to verify its response data.

Web Performance Monitoring

Quickly identify the source of web performance issues in Chrome, IE and Firefox. Receive load-time alerts, and view performance with waterfall reports.

Transaction Monitoring

Monitor logins, payments, and other interactions

Easy recording and scripting

Our Transaction Recorder logs the actions you perform in a Chrome browser. With the Chrome plugin installed, you simply complete forms and click through your transaction like your users do on your site.

Complicated scenarios?

Uptrends has a dedicated transaction team that helps you create, optimize, and test your transaction scripts if you don't want to do it yourself. You have plenty of options, and a lot is possible. Just reach out, and we will help you along.

Screenshots and waterfalls

Analyze detailed transaction waterfalls and screenshots to help you dig deep into every step of your transaction. Check your web application's function and get performance details element by element.

Monitor your site in Chrome, Firefox, & IE.

With data from different browsers you get the full picture. Analyze your site element by element, and set up load time limits to measure your website speed.


More data. More reports. More everything.

Error snapshots

A picture says more than a thousand words. View a screenshot of your website at the moment we spot an error for the full story.

Custom Dashboards

Get full control over your data and build dashboards with the information that your team needs and wants to see.

Easy to use interface

Drag, drop, resize: it's all possible with Uptrends 28 configurable tile types. Build and share your dashboards with your team.

Reports in your inbox

Turn your dashboard into a scheduled report, and get your data in PDF, Excel, or HTML format directly in your inbox.

We take care of a smooth transition

Your personal account manager and our support team are ready to migrate your monitors from Alertfox to Uptrends without any hassle. We can bulk import your monitors, and we can help you set up alerting the way you're used to.

Actual user experience

Get user data with Real User Monitoring

Actionable experience data

Get aggregated performance data from your users, and see how they experience your site based on their actual locations, connections, devices, operating systems, and browsers. Fine tune the users' experiences based on their actual environments.

Real-time data

No sampling. Get all of your users' experience data within minutes of their page visits. No waiting hours or days; we add the data to your reporting as fast as our system can processes it often within seconds or minutes of collection.

Deep performance data

Not only do you get the download time, but you also get time to first byte, page ready time, network duration, send and receive duration, DOM and render duration. Filter down based on location and environment variables.

Getting the message

Enjoy your new alerting options


Having the communication tools your team uses most often integrated into your monitoring tool is a real advantage. We've integrated Slack, PagerDuty, and StatusHub directly into Uptrends Monitoring with more integrations on the way.

SMS, email, and voice alerts

We've got the alerting methods you're used to plus more. Besides integrations, SMS, and email, use voice alerts when things get serious. Alert escalations get the messages out to the right people using the communication methods that work best for them and your team.

Use the Uptrends API

You can get your data directly from the Uptrends API. Our rich API lets you manage your monitors, download the raw data, get checkpoint details, and get your monitor statuses directly from Uptrends.

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