New transaction technology!

For many years, Uptrends customers have been using transactions to test browser-based user journeys in their web applications. Each transaction is carefully crafted by Uptrends Support, which means that customers get a carefree experience for getting stable transactions running. But relying on Support does mean that you can’t do everything yourself, instantly.

Today, we’re happy to present our new transaction technology, which includes the option for a complete self-service experience. Many customers have already been trying it out for the last six months (thank you!) and we’re now extra confident to give it to all Business and Enterprise customers.

If you have existing transactions - They still work in the same way. We’re planning to convert them to the new transaction technology at some point, so please talk to us when you’re ready to try it. Head on over to your transaction settings to find more information.

If you’re creating new transactions using the Transaction Recorder - The recorder tool will ask you if you want to test and tweak the recording by yourself first, or if you want to continue collaborating with Support. You’ll always keep both options, and the cost stays the same. Just choose what you’re comfortable with.

Not sure what to do? Just try making a recording, choose self-service and see what the experience feels like. Recording uploads are free of charge and unlimited. As always, you can contact us to discuss your options.

Ready to discover the new transaction approach? Follow the Academy course.

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