UTF-8 support for Multi-Step API monitoring

A Multi-Step API (MSA) monitor allows you to accurately test the functioning and performance of your APIs, by setting up a sequence of API calls that check the full extent of your API’s capabilities. Using the primary HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE), you can interact with your API, set assertions to verify the correct response, and then reuse variables from previous responses in subsequent steps. Often, that process will involve sending some request body to your API.

In the latest version of Uptrends, we’ve added UTF-8 support for such request bodies. Previously, there would be issues correctly encoding certain characters, which could lead to the monitor returning errors. Now that we’re supporting UTF-8, we’re able to correctly encode characters like diacritical marks and non-Latin languages. Practically, that means you’re now able to include essentially any special character or language you like in the request body of your Multi-Step API calls.

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