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Mobile Website Monitoring

The most advanced online mobile site test

Mobile devices

Simulate a test on a large range of commonly used mobile devices, from the Samsung Galaxy S3 to the latest iPhone X.

Choose internet speed

Hand-pick the internet speed with bandwidth throttling. How fast is your site on a 4G connection? How about on 2 or 3G?

Test from 9 locations

It makes sense to run your test from your users' locations. With 9 strategically picked worldwide locations, you can't miss.

The importance of mobile

Over two billion people use mobile devices worldwide, so it’s important that your website loads quickly and displays correctly for all of them.

Inspect waterfall charts for deep analysis

Detailed waterfall charts help you to understand why your site is slow. View a webpage's load times, element sizes, and HTTP headers for individual assets.

Google's mobile-first index

The Mobile-First Index makes the mobile version of a site its default version, and therefore, the one to which the SEO criteria applies! Is your mobile website fast enough to deal with this small revolution in the SEO world?

Performance as a ranking factor

Google is helping to make the internet a faster place by making performance one of the primary ranking factors. Don't let slow loading times take down your rankings and start by testing your site with our Free Website Speed tool.

Responsive website check

Want to see how your site performs on different screen sizes? We offer that too. Go ahead and test the responsive versions of your site. See how fast your site loads on tablet and desktop.

Google PageSpeed

Performance improvements

We show you exactly how you can improve your mobile website by using the PageSpeed improvements from Google.

Design for speed

A well-optimized site that's designed for speed gives you a solid SEO base.

Lower your bounce rates

There's a big correlation between a fast website and a low bounce rate.

Reduce page weight

See how you can reduce your page weight and make sure mobile users get a good experience.

Get interactive page insights

What is weighing your page down? Get the actual size and ratio of your page elements available in a convenient table with interactive pie charts. Examine your page response codes and the domains used to build your page.

Check your mobile website speed in 10 seconds

Start your free online test right away so that you know how your mobile website performs. How does your website score?

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