The 360 degree monitoring solution

The Uptrends product suite arms your business with evolutionairy monitoring technology to stay on top of every piece of your online presence. We’ve combined our comprehensive products into five plans, optimized for businesses of every size and maturity.

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Uptrends RUM

Unlock real-user insights about your back- and frontend performance. Uptrends RUM (Real User Monitoring) compliments your Synthetic toolkit by helping you understand how your website or application performs as it’s browsed by your real users.

Real user monitoring and synthetic monitoring go hand in hand: use Uptrends RUM to understand long-term trends, and consistently detect short-term performance issues with Uptrends Synthetics.

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ITRS Opsview

ITRS Opsview

ITRS Opsview is our hosted IT infrastructure monitoring solution, built for your always-on Enterprise. Used by the world’s smartest Ops and DevOps teams, ITRS Opsview is completely customizable for your business needs and 100% managed for you by ITRS Opsview experts.

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