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Get a 360 degree view of your websites and servers

Whether you want to monitor your websites, web services, and servers from outside the firewall, or your internal servers and infrastructure from within it, Uptrends has a product that will make it easier for you to stay in sync with your tools.

Uptrends Synthetics

Uptime and performance mean everything when it comes to presenting your users with the best possible online experience. With Uptrends Website Monitoring, you get the tools you need to help prevent any user or revenue loss that results from unexpected site failures or performance problems. Monitor website availability, website performance, web applications, advanced availability, and servers.

Website Monitoring Product
Server Monitoring Product

Uptrends Infra

Uptrends Infra's internal server monitoring gives you a complete 360 degree overview of your server and network device uptime and performance, and ensures that you are the first to know when your services behind the firewall fail, so you can restore them to full functionality as quickly as possible. Monitor internal servers and network devices.