External server monitoring from 136 locations worldwide detects performance issues early

Find out how your server is performing. Receive instant alerts.

Uptrends' external server monitoring services help you monitor, diagnose, receive alerts and access reports regarding the performance of your servers. Around-the-clock server monitoring detects performance issues early, so you can address them before they cause any harm. This ensures that your servers are up and running 24/7. Your server will be monitored from the Cloud, so there is no need to install new hardware. Uptrends will monitor your server from outside the firewall and from more than 136locations worldwide.

“As a longtime client of Uptrends, we have are highly reliant upon the valuable insight the Uptrends monitoring service provides into our clients’ hosted environments.” — Raj Atwal, Vice President Ecommerce at Tenzing
“Uptrends is a must have for our web operations department. We are a global company and with the full range of features included in Uptrends we have the ability to monitor and alert on services from both a local and a global view.” — Daniel Österhof, Head of Operations at EPiServer
“The difference Uptrends has made to the DHL customer experience has been in-measurable. We have been able to pro-actively monitor our systems, alert our customers to any eCom issue and sorting the issue before a customer is even aware of the problem!” — Kelly Griffin, Senior Director CIM at DHL

Server uptime

Monitor server uptime from 136 locations worldwide and outside the firewall. Monitor your server to ensure that it is up and running. 

DNS server monitoring

Use our DNS monitoring services to check if your domain is still pointing to the IP address of your DNS server. You can also conduct extensive DNS health checks.

Monitor e-mail server

Monitor the performance of your e-mail server. Use the POP3 and SMTP protocol to ensure that your e-mail server is working properly.

Monitor database server

Out-of-the-box monitoring of Microsoft SQL server and MySQL. This helps database administrators to monitor the performance of MySQL database and MS SQL server.

Monitor SSL Certificate

Monitor the expiration date and validity of your SSL certificates continuously. Monitor the properties of SSL certificates as well.

FTP Monitoring

Uptrends' external FTP monitoring services help you monitor, diagnose, receive alerts and access reports regarding the performance of your FTP servers.

Monitor Servers externally from outside the firewall

Monitor your server from outside the firewall

Uptrends will monitor your server from the Cloud. There is no need to install new hardware. Just fill in the IP address of the server. To ensure the correct operation of your server, it is important to monitor your server from outside the firewall. With Uptrends Infra, you can monitor your server internally. Uptrends lets you monitor your server outside the firewall from 136locations worldwide. Uptrends' geographically dispersed monitoring locations are a key element to our superior monitoring capabilities. If one of your servers fails, we will automatically perform a duplicate check from a separate checkpoint. When two different checkpoints register a failure, the event is in turn registered as a failure. This makes our monitoring service extremely reliable. With Uptrends, you will never be bothered by a false alert.

Internal network and server monitoring

We provide an agent-based network and server monitoring service that works from the Cloud, right out of the box. Monitor every device in your network such as CPU, bandwidth, disk space, memory, Linux server, Windows server, LAN, processes, exchange server and more.

Different protocols

Use a variety of protocols right out of the box, including SNMP, Windows Performance counters, WMI, Ping, Connect and HTTP to monitor multiple devices and Linux and Windows servers.

Windows and Linux server

Whether you want to start monitoring a Windows server or a Linux one, there is a simple way to add your server to Uptrends Infra. The agent is very easy to install, and it works with all major Linux and Windows-based servers.

Internal monitoring with Uptrends Infra

Solve and prevent server issues based on our detailed reports

Customizable dashboards

You can view the standard reports on the performance of your servers, but you can also create custom dashboards. Drag, drop and resize your custom metrics and build any dashboard with any data you want.

Root-cause analysis

If one of your servers fails, you will want to pinpoint the cause of the problem immediately. We provide the real-time information needed to minimize the impact on your business.

Export data & e-mail reports

You can make tailored made e-mail reports and schedule it. Export to PDF or Excel, e-mail reports to additional recipients, or use our API

Interactive charts

Beautiful, interactive charts let you zoom in on your data, and drill down to the details of outages. You can instantly switch from tables to sophisticated data visualization.

Real-time data

Real-time updates and dashboards refresh automatically. There is no time lag between what you are seeing and what is actually occurring within our server monitoring tool.

Mobile apps

If you use our free apps for iPhone, Android and Windows, you get real-time push notifications, see the status of your server and network.

Advanced DNS monitoring is part of the external server monitoring service

Confirm whether the DNS of your website is performing well from cities and countries around the world. Domain Name Servers (DNS) are an essential part of today's Internet use. The most important use of DNS server is translating human-readable domain names to machine-readable IP addresses. If your organization's DNS servers are temporarily down or are not functioning properly, it might lead to problems for visitors. They might even be directed to a website other than the one you intended! Additionally, multiple services such as mail servers and proxy servers can be affected. Learn more about DNS monitoring.

Monitor SSL certificates with the Uptrends external server monitoring service

Even though installing security certificates seems like a one-time operation, it is still necessary to verify that the secure connection keeps working. The certificate will eventually expire, and certificates might be a target for hackers if your server is compromised. With Uptrends you can not only monitor your HTTPS webpages but also the SSL certificates, in order to provide a safeguard so that the expiration date and other properties are correct and up-to-date. Uptrends provides SSL certificate monitoring to ensure that you get notified about expired or hacked certificates. Learn more about SSL certificate monitoring.

Be the first to know if there are network and server issues

Monitoring a server doesn't stop when you are away from the office. That is why we send alerts via SMS and e-mail. With our native mobile apps (iPhone, Android and Windows), you can receive real-time push notifications, see the status of your sites and servers, and quickly analyze response and load times. You can schedule easily maintenance. With our escalation levels you can specify who will receive an alert and when for a particular probe.

Receive Website Monitoring Alerts