SQL Monitoring

Monitor uptime and performance of MySQL and MSSQL servers

Get a bird’s-eye perspective of the availability and load times of your MySQL and Microsoft SQL server databases, on-premises and in the cloud.

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Unable to connect or is visibility into your databases murky? Give your DevOps team the ability to check on your servers connectivity and collect granular data needed to uncover underlying causes of performance issues.

Uptrends' SQL Monitoring enables you to monitor either Microsoft SQL or MySQL servers. SQL manages large amounts of data; especially data that’s being written simultaneously and with many data transactions.

Setting up a SQL Monitor

The setup of a database server monitor is similar to setting up an HTTPS monitor type with a couple of special fields:

  • Select either Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL.
  • Provide the name of the database server, together with the domain name or IP address.
  • You can provide a username and password to check if databuse users can log-in.
Set up your server monitor to connect to your SQL database

Be alerted when servers are slow or unavailable

Our checkpoints will attempt to establish a connection to the IP address and database, and if you provide login credentials, the checkpoint will attempt a successful login.

Receive alerts when connections fail or load times exceed with Uptrends' advanced alerting or use Integrations with popular tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Receive alerts when connections fail and servers are down

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Uptrends’ SQL Server Monitoring provides access to mission-critical information that your DevOps team can use to analyze your SQL server database availability and performance.

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