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More than ever, users are turning to mobile apps and highly interactive web apps to access goods and services creating increasingly complex application environments. Optimize the user experience with performance monitoring tools that can quickly identify application issues to ensure performance and reliability. Reduce mean time to repair (MTTR), and deliver a superior customer experience.

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Uptrends’ UX monitoring identifies performance bottlenecks whether on the server side, front-end, or somewhere in between. Most users won’t wait for slow page load times or applications that don’t work properly. Know the impact of application and device performance from the end user’s point of view.

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User experience monitoring of performance loading times

Global Checkpoint Network

Checks run from 233 checkpoints located in key commerce areas where your users are located ensuring more stable and accurate results.

Mobile Device Monitoring

With twice as many mobile devices in use as there are people, know that your website loads quickly and displays correctly for all of them. Test on iOS, Android and more!

Bandwidth Throttling

Simulate bandwidths to see how your site performs at lower speeds. Get a better idea of how your webpage elements are affected by less-than-ideal internet speeds.

Accurate data that reflects user experience

More checkpoints equals more data points and more stability. Uptrends’ network stability reduces the chance of false positives for improved data accuracy.

Mobile Website Monitoring

Safeguard your website performance on different mobile devices, screen sizes and pixel ratios. Get the best availability and performance with Uptrends' Mobile Website Monitoring.

Optimize Website Speed

Take the guesswork out of your webpage speed optimization efforts, with Uptrends' Full Page Check. Monitor your site performance, capture individual element load times, and receive comprehensive reports.

Multi-Browser Monitoring

Monitor in Chrome and Edge browsers with Multi-Browser Monitoring. Render a page the same way your users do.

Alert Escalations

Set up multiple alert escalations with Uptrends' Incident Management to have the right people on your team notified when a problem occurs, not when customers start noticing.


Monitor transactions and web applications from top to bottom

Replicate, test, and monitor strategic user journeys from start to finish using the industry’s best transaction monitoring solution. Receive instant alerts and data the moment your search, forms, shopping baskets and logins fail. Cast a wider net and run transaction monitors from your users' actual location with our global checkpoint network. We use the latest Chrome browsers on our checkpoints, which mirrors the user experience accurately.

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Web Application Monitoring data of transaction loading times for optimal UX

Transaction Screenshots

Seeing the details in text is great, but being able to visualize errors exactly how your users saw it takes your log analysis to the next level.

Waterfall Reports

Access a waterfall chart for each step of a crucial transaction. Monitor your shopping carts and other multi-step scenarios to help trace files that are downloaded by the browser for every step.

Root Cause Analysis

Quickly solve issues with our root cause analysis including automatic traceroutes and error screenshots.


Use our API to retrieve the data from your account such as current status, performance statistics and more.

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Real User Monitoring

Get performance data directly from users with RUM

Harness comprehensive and holistic data directly from visitor’s digital experiences with Real User Monitoring (RUM). Meet or exceed expected KPIs by gaining visibility and insight into real user behavior from the actual locations they are accessing your website. Deliver a positive user experience, ensure repeat business and protect your brand reputation.

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Performance data from real users with Real User Monitoring

Website speed per country

Compare your website performance throughout different countries in the world and improve accordingly. Drill down to dashboards that contain data per country. For some countries, view data per state or province!

Load time breakdown per dimension

Cut the guesswork and see in which exact corner your load time can be improved — including mobile devices. Track user access on your website and how fast it loads for each of them.

Collect web performance data that Google Analytics doesn’t give you

Uptrends' Real User Monitoring extends the range of data on the web analytics tools you already use. No need to wait until the next day to see any results; your data is visible in your dashboards in minutes.

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