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Transactions, you say?

Transactions are step-by-step scenarios for automatically testing web application workflows in a browser. Web Application Monitoring is essential for making sure your users/visitors won't run into problems on your site.

Basically, you create a script using our Transaction Recorder as you click through your web app, and Uptrends runs this script over and over to check your site and software.

Full control

The power of DIY

Uptrends has been offering Web Application Monitoring for many years, but you always needed the Uptrends Support team for creating and testing the scripts for the browser scenarios. The Full-Service Transaction process ensures you get stable, well-written browser tests. With Self-Service Transactions, you can do this yourself.

Test at your own pace

Using Monitor Modes, you can test your transactions manually, move them to staging for further testing, and finally to production when you're confident the monitor is ready.

Edit existing scripts any time

You own the scripts, so changing your scripts as your site or app changes is a breeze. Just use our handy Step Editor or API, and make your changes as often as you like.

Prepare for your next release

Using development mode, you can test new versions of your scripts without interrupting your production scripts. When your site updates, just switch them out.

Get support when you need it

If you need the help, our support team is always ready to help you through the tough spots. Our scripting pros will even take control and edit and test the scripts for you if you want.

How it works

Set up your transactions
in just a few steps

Using our Transaction Recorder and Step Editor, you'll be surprised how fast you can get your new monitors running.

Use the Transaction Recorder to record and upload your initial script

Download the Transaction Recorder for Chrome, start the recorder, and step through your transaction. Upload the recording to Uptrends, and you'll have a brand new monitor ready for testing and perfecting in our Step Editor.

Get instant script replay/testing with debugging information

You can start testing and perfecting your new monitor the moment after uploading. The Step Editor's testing feature lets you watch the progression of your test for easier script debugging.

Edit the script (or create one from scratch) using a visual editor

You can upload the recording from the Transaction Recorder or skip the recording process alltogether. Dive directly into the scripting process using the Step Editor. You have complete control.

Raw script editing (in text/JSON format) is available

Would you rather work with your JSON script directly in our text editor or your own tool? We've got you covered. Skip the Step Editor and add your JSON script directly using the text view.

Managing and working with your scripts is easy

You have full control over your scripts to add, remove, and modify user interactions whenever you want.

Copy and save your scripts

You can quickly copy your scripts from one monitor to another for easy modification, or save them to your version control system.

Automate using the API

Skip the UI altogether and use our API to automate your script updates, enabling and disabling monitors, and create new monitors.

Integrate into your workflow

Using the Uptrends API, you integrate transactions into your release management workflow and CI/CD processes without a hassle.

Get started today

Self-Service Transactions, currently part of the beta program, are available in the Business and Enterprise plans. The feature has been tried and tested, and it's ready for you to start using it! We're currently polishing it up and adding more features and documentation.

Join the beta program

Although in Beta, Self-service Transactions are ready for you to use right now in your production environment. You'll create very valuable test feedback as you're trying out the new feature. Additional feature requests might make it into the product really quickly!