The Full Page Check (FPC) has been improved

The greatly improved Full Page Check (FPC) is now available to all Uptrends users. 

Which aspects of the FPC have been improved?

  • Improved and renewed look and feel
  • More detailed measurements per element possible
  • More information per element with the new fields that are available:
    • Https handshake time
    • Send time 
    • Wait time
    • Receive time
    • Time to first byte
  • Request- and Response headers
  • Server IP-address

Renewed look and feel of the FPC

With our waterfall report you are able to see directly what the possible causes of long load times could be. Is it a problem with the server? (High wait time), are connections not being reused correctly, or is it a problem with download time? The advanced filter offers you the possibility to quickly search for specific elements. Do you for instance want an overview of all the CSS elements? Simply search for ‘CSS’ in the search field.

Detailed information per element

Do you want to see the specific information of an element? Hover with your mouse over a random element to directly find an overview with the specific information for each measurement. 

Request- and Response headers and the IP-address which answers the request

Do you want to know more about the request- and response headers of a certain element? Click on the plus of a random element for more information about the request- and response headers and the IP-address which answers the request. This can be very convenient when you want to analyze possible problems with your external providers. In addition, under ‘Content-Encoding’ you can find information about the possible compressed files, which in this case is gzip.

With these greatly improved and more detailed reports you’re able better than ever to identify bottlenecks in load times and detect possible causes.
These new functionalities are now available to all users of the FPC!
Do you still have questions about the FPC? Please contact us.