The new Full Page Check + Monitor (FPC+)

Besides the improvements to our normal FPC probe, Uptrends now introduces the FPC+ probe. With the FPC+ probe we divide all underlying elements of your website in so called ‘domain groups’ and distinguish them between 1st party and 3rd party elements. By using these domain groups you are able to get very specific insights into the load time, file size, error codes and many more details of your website on a group-level.

Domain groups in the FPC+

Uptrends offers you the following default groups:
  • 1st party
  • CDN (Cloudflare, Akamai etc.)
  • Social (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.)
  • Statistics (Google Analytics etc.)
  • Ads (Doubleclick, Googleads, AdRoll etc.)
  • Uncategorized 
  • First Party Overall
  • Third Party Overall
You can choose to adapt these pre-defined groups to your own wishes. Besides the default pre-defined groups, it is possible to specify three other groups with elements which are of important for your analysis. Every user can create different adapted sets of groups and connect these to one or several FPC’s.

An overview of the 1st party and 3rd party elements

What can you do with these insights?

1st party elements

Provides you a clear view of which elements on your own website (on which you have influence) delay your website, and what you can do yourself to improve the load time of your website.

3rd party elements

Provides you a clear view of what influence 3rd party elements (external elements, on which you have less influence) have on the load time of your website. The Facebook Like and the Twitter button are very important for your social media channel, but what if these have such a negative impact on load time that it results in a significant loss of visitors, conversions and hence turnover?
Do you have any idea what influence advertisements have on the load time of your website? Does your CDN provider delivers your expectations and their promises? The FPC+ reports offer you a clear overview of the impact of these third party elements.


Want to start right away? Read the step-by-step instruction to set up the FPC+

Performance of external providers

Maybe you are already using a CDN provider to host a selection of your website elements. If you choose to use a CDN provider to host your content, it is important to verify whether or not it really has a positive impact on the load time of your website. With the reports of the FPC+ it is very easy to monitor the performance of your CDN provider, and if necessary, to take action. Because we save your domain level data for three years, you’re able to safeguard and monitor the performance of all your external suppliers/providers and are able to discover trends very easily. 

Is the load time of your website really that important?

It is generally accepted that website speed is of major importance for a successful website. Internet user’s patience levels are constantly decreasing and the majority of visitors will leave your website if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds. However, websites are becoming more complex and larger. 
Amazon demonstrated that every 100 milliseconds of latency which occurred on their website will result in a 1% loss in sales. Which means, every second of latency will cost Amazon approximately 10% of revenue!  Another more recent study by Walmart, showed that every second of improvement in their website loading time would increase conversion by 2%. 

What do you know about the influence of 3rd party elements on the load time of your website?

There is a fair chance you don’t have a very clear view of this, and that is the exact reason why you should start proactively monitoring 1st party, but certainly 3rd party elements of your website.
The FPC+ costs 4 probes per URL. If you already use a FPC probe, you can upgrade it to our FPC+ if you still have one probe available in your account. For extra probes you can contact us or navigate in our application to Manage – Probes – Add extra Probes
Good luck with monitoring!