Web Application Monitoring

Proactively test your website's shopping carts, logins, forms, payment screens and other interactive functionality.

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Stay in sync

Spot broken or slow site interactions.

Login Forms

Nothing frustrates a user quite like a broken login form. Make sure your users can access your services, 24/7, by monitoring your login form interactions for availability and performance. In the event of a problem, you’ll be the first to know!

Monitor Transactions

e-Commerce Elements

When it comes to e-Commerce websites, uptime is money. Uptrends can monitor your website transactions and ensure that your shopping carts, payment modules, order confirmations, and other critical pages run smoothly.

Test critical website functions

Critical Functions

Modern web applications depend on unique interactions to provide users with a great experience. From forms, to search, SaaS apps, and JavaScript/Ajax elements, Uptrends helps you stay in sync with your website transactions.


Capture data you can trust.

Transaction monitoring dashboard

Real Browser MonitoringReal Browser Technology

Know that your data is the real deal, with Uptrends’ Real Browser Monitoring Technology. It simulates a real user moving through each step of your website transactions using a real Chrome browser hosted on a dedicated Uptrends server.

Content CheckWaterfall per transaction stepEnterprise

Access a waterfall chart for each step of a crucial transaction. Monitor your shopping carts and other multi-step scenarios to help trace files that are downloaded by the browser for every step. This can help you track down specific errors or elements that could be making your page run slow.

Checkpoint locations209 Checkpoints

We gather data from your users' locations with our global network of 209  checkpoints to verify your web applications work from everywhere. Now with Private Checkpoints, you can test your internal web applications using the same great tool you use externally. 

Transaction Recorder

Transaction Recorder

The Transaction Recorder is a free Google Chrome browser extension that enables you to securely record your website transactions.

Step Load Times

Step Load Times

Test the speed of your individual step times around-the-clock, monitoring for bottlenecks, errors, and other performance trends.

Real Web Application Monitoring Data

Real Deal Data

Be confident that your monitoring data is the real deal, with trusted technology that captures data from the end-user perspective.

Transaction Consultants

Transaction Consultants

Our team of transaction consultants test your website transactions for security before monitoring begins, to ensure an optimal user experience.

Alerting & Reports

Quickly resolve Web Application errors.

Web Application Monitoring alertsCustomizable Alerts

Hearing about problems with your shopping carts, logins, and other website transactions from your users isn’t the most efficient way to be alerted. Our alerts system can be customized to send you an SMS, email, phone, webhooks, integrations like Slack and PagerDuty, or push notification (via our mobile apps) in the event that downtime happens, so you’re the first to know.

Transaction SnapshotsEnterprise

Seeing the details in text is great, but it is also helpful to get a clear image of what the page looks like before or after a particular step. You can select specific steps that you’d like to see screenshots for. This way you can see exactly how a page looks for every step of a transaction.

View Transaction Errors

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“Uptrends Web Application Monitoring has been able to provide us with details concerning the core functionality of our clients’ websites; enabling us to effectively manage our client environments and attain the highest levels of uptime.”

— Raj Atwal, Vice President Ecommerce at Tenzing Tenzing
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