Web Performance Monitoring

Uptrends helps you identify website performance errors and bottlenecks, so you can deliver your users a faster experience.

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Patch into your site vitals.

Real browser monitoring

Real Browser Monitoring

Witness the true user experience with Uptrends' Real Browser Check. It spins a real browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox) to monitor your website, capturing vital web page load data including uptime rate, confirmed errors, total time to load, and top errors and displays them in an easy-to-read format.

Web performance monitoring

Optimize Website Speed

Take the guesswork out of your web page speed optimization efforts, with the Uptrends Full Page Check. It monitors your website performance on an elemental level, capturing individual element load times and sizes, and presenting the data in a brilliant waterfall report for quick scanning.

Third party monitoring

Third Party Monitoring

Don’t let performance limitations of integrated third-party content slow down your website. Uptrends’ Full Page Check + delivers insights into content sources, file sizes, and load times on both an individual and group level. You can even view the waterfall report by domain group!


Analyze your website speed improvements.

Uptrends waterfall report

Waterfall analysis

Clearly identify which first-party web page elements are affecting your overall webpage speed, using the Uptrends Full Page Check and Full Page Check+ robust waterfall reports. Get to the root cause of issues by inspecting HTTP headers per element. It has never been easier to perform web performance monitoring!

Domain GroupsDomain Groups

Group and tag individual page elements on a first and third-party content level, so you can quickly identify the source of web performance bottlenecks or errors. Don’t like the default configuration? You can build your own domain groups so you can view your data, your way.

User Analytics

User Analytics

Third-party analytics software can provide you with powerful website usage data, but it can also slow down a page. Uptrends Full Page Check + monitors help you spot performance bottlenecks.

Social Media Scripts

Social Media Scripts

Including Facebook “like,” Twitter “retweet,” and Google+ “+1” buttons on your site can be great for sharing content, but do you know if they’re impacting your page’s performance?

CDN Performance

CDN Performance

Choosing a content delivery network (CDN) is hard. Spot performance trends and know if your CDN is delivering consistent, quality service, with third-party load-time monitoring.

Video Player Embeds

Video Player Embeds

HD video streams are all the rage, but choosing to self-host or using a free third-party video provider could lead to slow, inconsistent performance. Make sure you only deliver the best.

Alerting & Reports

Understand website problems at a glance.

Root Cause Web Performance MonitoringCustomized reporting

Is your website suffering from an availability or web performance related problem? Quickly determine the root cause of the issue at a glance, using any number of Uptrends’ robust reports and dashboards. You can even schedule to have them delivered!

Web performance monitoring by location

Know exactly where in the world your users are experiencing website performance slowdown or errors by monitoring your website speed and availability with any of Uptrends’ 209 global monitoring checkpoint servers. Protect your web performance behind your firewall with a Private Checkpoint.

Web performance metrics

There are plenty more website monitoring features to discover.

“Uptrends offers a great monitoring service for our website with checkpoints all over the world. The graphs and reports are easy to generate and give us detailed information about processes that affect the performance of our website.”

— Eliana Muñoz, Infrastructure Analyst at Grupo Éxito Grupo Exito
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