We've released the public beta for our newest feature, Self-Service Transactions. Now is your chance to get involved and start using Self-Service Transactions.

What are Self-Service Transactions?

Until now, when you needed a new transaction script written or an existing one changed, our support team wrote and tested the script for you, a.k.a. Full-Service Transactions. We will continue to provide Full-Service Transactions to those of you that want them, but some of you want to write, test, and manage your transaction scripts yourself. Now you can!

With Self-Service Transactions, you can:

  • Record your own transaction scripts and have immediate access to them in your account.
  • Test and tweak the scripts at your own pace.
  • Run your scripts in the latest version of a Chrome browser on our worldwide server network.
  • Make changes to existing scripts at any time using our visual editor, editing the code directly, or use Uptrends' API.
  • Prepare scripts for your app's next software release and publish instantly.

Our Support team is ready to assist you with your scripts if you need help for Self-Service or Full-Service Transactions. Your new Self-Service Transactions work alongside your existing Full-Service Transactions, and there is no extra cost for Self-Service Transactions.

What can I expect by participating in the beta program?

If you're worried about using a buggy product in development mode, don't. Our beta isn't like that at all. To participate in the beta program means:

  • We've put the new feature through intensive testing during our alpha and private beta phases, and Self-Service Transactions are ready for you to use with confidence.
  • We're currently adding a few more features, and we're adding supporting documentation.
  • You can safely use Self-Service Transactions for production scenarios.
  • We have full support for the new feature. Our support team is ready to help you out.
  • At any time, you can choose between Full-Service Transactions (everything you're used to) and Self-Service Transactions.
  • There's no extra cost involved: Self-Service Transactions will be a standard feature of the Business and Enterprise plans.
  • By sharing your experiences and feedback with us, you help us improve the new feature (send us your comments by opening a support ticket).

Tell me more about how Self-Service Transactions work!

This Academy course has all the details to get started.

If I join the beta, what happens to my existing transaction monitors?

Nothing (at least not yet). Your existing transactions (i.e., transactions previously built by Uptrends Support using Full-Service Transactions) don't have any of the Self-Service features yet. Depending on their complexity, a large number of your transactions will be eligible for an upgrade to Self-Service Transaction. However, this conversion is not available yet (we are working on it). Please contact Support to discuss your needs.

We will announce the transaction conversion process after the current beta program. In the meantime, please feel free to play around with the new functions. If you have any questions  about setting up specific transactions, our Support team is ready to help you out.

I want to join the beta! How do I start?

If you would like to join the Self-Service Transaction beta:

  • Current customers with a Business or Enterprise account need to opt in before using the new feature.
  • New customers with a Business or Enterprise trial (trials started after September 4, 2019), can use the new feature now. We've automatically included new trials in the beta program.