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Uptrends is more than a website monitor. We’ve got the tools you need to monitor your systems: network, hardware, apps, websites, and APIs.

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Capture issues anywhere in your systems before they bring everything down.

  • Test systems and applications behind your firewall and beyond.
  • Integrate Uptrends into your CI/CD processes.
  • Be one of the first to know about problems with Uptrends' advanced alerting.
  • Integrate with the tools your team already uses: Slack, PagerDuty, StatusHub, VictorOps, ServiceNow, Teams, and webhooks.
Notify DevOps team members when issues arise with Uptrends advanced alerting system and integrations with other tools

Capacity planning

Infra provides you with key indicators that allow you to plan and predict server replacement or expansion based on disk space, CPU, and memory utilization.

Change control

Changes can have unexpected consequences, and with Uptrends and Infra, you can quickly see when a change has adverse effects on your systems and user experience.

Custom metrics

Uptrends' Multi-step API can capture and track numeric data you care about for inclusion into your custom dashboards. Choose between tables or graphs.

Incident management

Uptrends' alerting and reporting allows you to respond faster and find the root cause sooner when an incident occurs. Alert escalations bring reinforcement when a problem persists.

Automate your monitoring

Use the Uptrends API to automate your web monitoring.

  • Store transaction scripts in your code repository.
  • Trigger monitor updates from your build process.
  • Test your development and acceptance environments with Uptrends' Private Checkpoints.
Edit transaction scripts

Watch from both sides of the firewall

Protect users behind and outside your firewall with powerful uptime, performance, and transaction monitoring.

Connect SNMP devices

Use Uptrends' Infra to interface with your SNMP networked devices and check their status, such as availability, response time, memory capacity, and supply levels.

Use Private Checkpoints

Bring the power of Uptrends behind your firewall with Private Checkpoints. Check internal apps, wikis, APIs, servers, and check availability of external apps through your firewall.

Go beyond the firewall

Use Uptrends beyond the firewall to watch your Internet-facing websites, web applications, APIs, and servers from as many as 233 global checkpoints.

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