“We don’t consider something complete until Uptrends says it is working.”

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CoreLogic provides information intelligence to identify and manage growth opportunities, improve business performance and manage risk. Whether in real estate, mortgage finance, insurance, or the public sector, CoreLogic’s clients rely on their SaaS solutions for unique property-level insights. To manage their availability, performance, and function, CoreLogic chose Uptrends.

We spoke with Steve Timms, ICT Operations Manager, to get insight into how CoreLogic utilizes Uptrends to meet their goals. Steve’s team uses Uptrends every day, and they use big-screen monitors to keep their dashboards visible for the whole team. The team knows the minute something goes wrong with alerting through both Slack and PagerDuty integrations.

“Once Uptrends clears the error, the PagerDuty incident closes, but not before.”

“We have a few different alert definitions set up. The primary case is the infrastructure on call alert, which ties directly into Slack as well as PagerDuty, and from there it alerts our on-call user as well as our monitors up on the television that everyone can see. Once Uptrends clears the error, the PagerDuty incident closes, but not before.office.”

Your business isn’t static, so neither should your monitoring tools

CoreLogic has seen tremendous growth, and Uptrends has been there to support them along the way.

“Uptrends helped us with identifying the right workloads to shift at the right time.”

“Uptrends allowed us to add additional monitors as we needed when new products came along or as we made acquisitions. In the case of the acquisitions, Uptrends helped us establish a baseline of what the applications looked like before we took them under our own wing. Using Uptrends, we were able to identify the problems and understand what needed to be worked on as we migrated them in house. Uptrends helped us with identifying the right workloads to shift at the right time.”

We built Uptrends to adjust to your growing business’s needs. Like your business, Uptrends adjusts and grows to meet your needs and accommodate a vast and ever-changing technology landscape.

Improving uptime and resolution times with Uptrends

Knowing your downtime and problem resolution times allows you to improve processes and increase customer satisfaction. CoreLogic uses a variety of synthetic monitoring solutions like Uptime Monitoring and Web Performance Monitoring to watch their web application closely.

“There has been a huge reduction in the amount of outages since Uptrends gave us visibility.”

“We used Uptrends to get a handle on the number of outages and the amount of time the problem resolution was taking. Now we have a particularly low rate of outages. We have KPIs down around 2.5 outages a month, and we certainly make that every year. We went from not knowing how many outages we were having, we set targets of eight and then six, then four, and now we are at two and a half. There has been a huge reduction in the amount of outages since Uptrends gave us visibility.”

CoreLogic uses SLA monitors for internal reporting and accountability, and as you can see in the chart below, they have been able to reduce the number of severity 1 and 2 incidents by approximately 62 percent since 2013.

SSL certificate monitoring saves reputation and gives peace of mind

No doubt, SSL certificates may be the simplest part of maintaining a secure connection and providing customers the peace of mind that your site is safe, but SSL certificates are also easy to overlook. If an SSL certificate expires or is not setup correctly, a brand’s reputation suffers when users receive invalid certificate warnings. CoreLogic uses Uptrends SSL Certificate Monitoring to keep theirs current.

“SSL Certificate Monitoring has only been a fairly recent addition to our Uptrends arsenal. It gives us peace of mind. What it allows us to do is monitor the major certificates that we have and make sure that our process for organizing and renewal is working. It is a safeguard to make sure we stay on top of them. We start to see them alerting, and if we don’t have the replacements ready to go, we know we need to hurry up to avoid the reputational damage of customers getting the warnings. It is a pretty bad day when a certificate expires.”

Web Application Monitoring tests all aspects of CoreLogic’s service

CoreLogic found Uptrends Transaction Recorder and scripting options simple to use.

The process is very simple. Through the Chrome plugin you record the transaction and upload it to your account where you refine and test the script or submit it for testing and scripting by Uptrends support. Either scripting option is available to all Web Application Monitoring users, and Uptrends Support is always there for you if you need them to answer questions or take over your scripting for you.

“The transaction monitor allows us not only to see that our service is alive but that it is actually working as it should.”

If your revenue and reputation hinges on a working web application (login, shopping carts, financial transactions, web forms), knowing your site is up isn’t enough. Continue reading to learn more about how CoreLogic uses Web Application Monitoring.

“One of the features of Uptrends that attracted us to the product was the fact that we could do full transaction monitoring. We use Web Application Monitoring to not only test that our application is available but that it is working. We’ve set up monitors that will log into the application, prepare a report, and download the report. It then checks that the report has a particular text string by looking for a pattern match within the report. Then we log out and make sure that everything completes. The transaction monitor allows us not only to see that our service is alive but that it is actually working as it should. It allows us to see issues that our customers in the real world would be seeing preferably before or at least at the same time that they see them. We can get on to fixing issues and getting the word out to our customers and support areas that we are aware of any problems. Which just adds to the way the community sees us for caring about our customer’s experience and that we are trying to stay one-step ahead of any problems they might have.”

Get peace of mind with Uptrends

CoreLogic improved their uptime, response times, and they safeguard their web applications using Uptrends. Uptrends can do the same for your website or service. Try Uptrends free for 30 days. We stand strong to our no credit card no commitment guarantee. Still not sure? Sign up for a one-on-one live demo!

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