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Gomez monitoring alternative

Dynatrace is shutting down Gomez website monitoring and switching users to a cloud-based monitoring service.


How does the switch affect Gomez monitoring users?

The shuttering of Gomez means the end of location-based monitoring at Dynatrace.

Monitors shouldn't run in the cloud

Dynatrace uses cloud-based locations to conduct its monitoring instead of the user-based testing locations used by Gomez. Testing from the cloud doesn't accurately reflect real-world user experiences. Your users experience your website using congested networks on a variety of devices new and old. Cloud-based monitoring uses cloud-based supercomputers that can only approximate real-world speed.

Monitoring from the cloud doesn't catch network latency

Every user's connection varies worldwide due to differences in connection type, local infrastructure, and the device used. Testing cloud-based sites and services from the cloud give you cloud-to-cloud measurements that ignore a lot of the world's lower bandwidth routes and networks.


Cloud-based monitoring misses many geographic locations

Cloud providers build their data centers in heavily populated areas. That means many parts of the world gets ignored; e.g., Google's cloud service doesn't have any African, Middle Eastern, or Northern Asia regions. Also, Google only has one region in both South America and Australia. Although probably plenty for a cloud provider, it isn't localized enough for granular monitoring strategies.

RUM can't cover the monitoring holes

When it comes to uptime, synthetic cloud-based monitoring may not capture localized outages because of the distribution of cloud datacenters. You can't rely on Real User Monitoring to fill the holes because RUM doesn't track uptime. If a user can't access the site, no data is collected or reported; you learn about localized outages when users start to complain.

The Alternative

Look to Uptrends for a full-featured Gomez monitoring alternative

Uptime, performance, and function monitoring 

You'll find the tools you need to reliably monitor your websites, web services, servers, and APIs for performance, proper function, and uptime at Uptrends.

Hundreds of localized checkpoints

Uptrends has 223  testing locations worldwide. Test your web assets from your user's locations—not the cloud like Gomez monitoring's replacement, Dynatrace.

Monitoring you can trust

Reliable synthetic and Real User Monitoring from Uptrends gives you a complete DEM tool you can trust to keep you informed with a single integrated interface and dynamic reporting.

Complete monitoring solutions for every budget

Uptrends has packages to fit your needs and your budget. From a basic Website Monitoring plan to a comprehensive plan that includes Web Performance Monitoring, Multi-step API Monitoring, and Web Application Monitoring, we've got a plan for you. With all of Uptrends' paid plans, you get error-free alerting, public status pages, intuitive dashboards/reporting, and the option to include Real User Monitoring.

Complete synthetic monitoring

Uptrends has your synthetic monitoring tools

Uptime Monitoring

Our Availability Monitors check once per minute, making sure your service or website is available. We also have advanced availability monitors to check your databases, email servers, SFTP servers, DNS, and SSL certificates.

Performance monitoring

Check your website's speed with Uptrends' real-browser Web Performance Monitoring. Uptrends checks page speed element-by-element, giving you valuable data so you can find bottlenecks and problem third-party content.

Web Application Monitoring

Uptrends Web Application Monitoring checks your transactions such as logins, shopping carts, merchant services, and bookings for performance and error-free function all along your user's complete journey.

API monitoring

Uptrends' Multi-step API Monitoring checks your complete multi-step API interactions. Reuse response data, make assertions, and test your complete API transaction from start to finish for function and performance.

Real browser monitoring using Chrome, Firefox, & IE.

You need to know how your website performs on all browsers to ensure that all of your users have a great experience. With real Multi-Browser Monitoring from Uptrends, you get the full performance picture. Analyze your site's performance element-by-element in current versions of Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. Test both mobile and desktop.


The switch from Gomez to Uptrends is on

Monitoring consultants to help you switch

As you switch from Gomez, you can get help with your options from one of our highly-trained monitoring consultants. Our consultants are here to help you figure out the monitoring options and the plan that works best for you. Set up your free one-on-one demo today with your monitoring consultant!

Technical help from our support heroes

With our top-notch support team, feel confident in your transition from Gomez. Our support heroes can help with your more technical monitoring questions, test and write transaction scripts if you need them to, and address any other concerns you might have. Our support team is ready to help; open a support ticket, and help is on its way.

Lots of help documentation 

Use the Academy to get you up and running quickly with monitoring basics. If you need more detailed help, flip over to our Knowledge Base to get the in-depth info that gets you on your way to a better monitoring experience. 


Features? We've got them


Not only do we have email and SMS alerts, but our alert escalations let you use direct integrations with Slack, PagerDuty, StatusHub, ServiceNow, and VictorOps. Also, we have automated voice/phone alerts to get your teams attention when others means of communication can't. However, don't forget, we also have webhooks so that you can integrate Uptrends with the tools your team uses most.

Current Real Browser Monitoring

With web performance and web application monitoring, you need current browsers for testing. Our DevOps department keeps our Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer browsers current on all of our checkpoints. You can trust that with Uptrends multi-browser monitoring, you're always testing with a fresh up-to-date browser.

Huge checkpoint network

You need a vast network of checkpoints so that you can test from locations as close to your actual users as you can get. Uptrends has checkpoints at  223 worldwide locations. We aren't stopping there; we keep adding more locations all of the time. We also have Private Checkpoints so you can test websites, servers, and APIs from inside your network.

Gomez monitoring's time is short, so switch to Uptrends now!

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