Monitoring solutions for today’s global e-commerce industry

Take the guesswork out of the availability, speed, and function of your e-commerce site with data-driven approaches to website monitoring. Track your site’s status and flag potential problems while providing insight into performance improvements.

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Power your e-commerce site with the best monitoring tools available today

Your e-commerce site has one goal — drive your customers toward purchasing your goods or services. Measuring the service-level quality of your site performance across three dimensions for availability, functionality, and speed calls for comprehensive transaction monitoring to alert you when something unexpected goes wrong.

Plan your key transactions and map them out

Keep customers happy, shopping carts full, and customers returning with Multi-step API Monitoring and Web Application Monitoring. Keep an eye on critical transaction pathways most often used by your customers.

  • Monitor login and logoff functionality, search functions, scheduling or making a reservation and more. Test from 233 global checkpoints.
  • Test shopping cart transactions: adding, removing, and selecting product options, form completion, and financial transactions. Monitor performance over time. Pinpoint peak activity periods and identify pain points.
Step timing chart
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“Uptrends is the Swiss Army Knife of online monitoring, only more versatile and reliable.”
Marin Karadjov, Senior Technical Support Analyst at Isobar

Monitor and optimize for speed, traffic & sales

Monitor the timing for each step along your customer’s journey from page load to product or service selection to shopping cart checkout.

  • Designate one or all of the steps involved from along the entire transaction timeline. Analyze data displayed in colorful step timing charts.
  • Quickly identify costly bottlenecks that lead to lost revenue, negative user experiences, and abandoned shopping carts.
Transaction step timing of shopping cart

Monitor APIs for an e-commerce competitive edge

APIs represent 83% of all web traffic and are prime targets for denial-of-service attacks (DoS). Monitor for performance and verify API functionality. Spot trends on dashboards and check if your APIs return unexpected content.

Maintain a global edge with hundreds of checkpoints

Just because your e-commerce site works in one part of the world doesn’t guarantee it’s working everywhere. Monitor your APIs and site performance from 233 global checkpoints. Use Concurrent Monitoring to test from several locations simultaneously.

Deliver superb mobile experiences

Nearly three out of every four dollars spent on online purchases today is done so through a mobile device. So, it’s important to make sure your e-commerce site loads quickly and displays correctly for all of them. Monitor mobile availability and performance with Uptrends' Mobile Website Monitoring.

Easily edit and test scripts yourself

Uptrends’ Step Editor offers you full control over editing your transaction scripts, ensuring your monitors are as optimized as possible.

Don’t feel comfortable setting up and testing scripts yourself? No worries! Uptrends offers a specialized team of Transaction Engineers to help you every step of the way.

Step editor interface
“We were able to improve our website load speed by almost 5 seconds.”
Jason Weiler, President at All-Wall

We are as serious about data security as you are

Uptrends is ISO 27001 security compliant

Uptrends achieved and maintains its ISO 27001 compliance to guarantee you that we have the processes and procedures in place to keep your information safe.

Keep your sensitive information safe in the Uptrends Vault

The Uptrends Vault restricts access to your sensitive certificates, keys, and credentials. The vault makes them accessible but not visible in your monitor settings or your reports.

GDPR compliant

GDPR compliance is a European Union requirement that affects the collection, storage, transfer, and use of personal data. Uptrends is fully compliant with the regulation.

Start monitoring your e-commerce sites and applications today

Get a leg up on your competitors in today’s highly competitive playing field. Provide your users with a fast, stable service by including Uptrends in your digital experience monitoring plan. No credit card or commitment necessary.

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