Website monitoring shouldn’t be difficult to manage

Websites that are slow or broken have a direct impact on business results. Our monitoring solutions give you the opportunity to let your team zoom in on the areas where immediate attention is needed, and at the same time the ability to see the big picture for yourself.

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In a fiercely competitive business environment, you need to be able to make sense of your monitoring data to make the best strategic decisions. Get the high-level, condensed reports on performance and availability that you can share with IT and site reliability managers to help drive business profitability.

Management tools at your fingertips

Traditional problem-solving skills are not enough to manage today’s complex network monitoring landscape. Zero in on the right resources you need to manage your SRE team’s response time to outages, deliver exceptional site performance to end users, and save time and money.

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“It’s kind of a turnkey solution. We were able to just jump right in and put Uptrends in use immediately.”
Kyle Moschetto, Director of DevOps at Bitly

Keep track of performance and availability KPIs

Performance and uptime KPIs are essential across the board. View performance KPIs on a per-check basis in your check detail reports, or how they perform over time with Uptrends' Web Performance Monitoring.

Your website is checked from one of our 233 global checkpoints to accurately reflect your users experience. You can inspect all page elements down to the nitty-gritty with waterfall reports and even measure your Core Web Vitals and W3C metrics.

Track performance and uptime KPIs

SLA target uptime and SLA uptime 

Set SLA target uptime percentage goals then measure actual uptime percentage taking into account any excluded days or times set up in your SLA definition.

SLA target total time and SLA total time

SLA target total time is the maximum amount of time in seconds that a page can take to load and remain in SLA compliance. Compare with the actual average load times for the period in seconds.

SLA operator response time target

The SLA operator response time target is the maximum amount of time allowed for an operator to confirm an issue in Uptrends, and SLA operator response time is the actual amount of time taken.

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“… if Uptrends indicates that we are getting close to not meeting our SLA, we know where we need to focus our attention.”
Jeferson Marques, Global Operations Analyst GEO at Neogrid

Keep agile APIs up and running

Uptrends’ Multi-step API Monitoring brings issues directly to the forefront from both internal and third-party APIs that power your applications. Check your business-critical APIs for performance, function, and uptime.

With our container-based Private Checkpoints, you can even monitor your internal APIs from behind your firewall.

Monitor your APIs with assertions

Check for performance

Check the performance of every request and set assertions for maximum response times. View long-term trends in your performance dashboards.

Verify API functionality

Test redirects, authentication, perform CRUD, or any other API interaction. Monitor for result codes, and check if your API returns expected content.

233 global checkpoints

Monitor your APIs from one of our 233 worldwide checkpoints. Combined with Concurrent Monitoring, you can test from several locations simultaneously.

Get alerted immediately

With tests as frequent as every minute, you will know the moment your API is in trouble with Uptrends' alerts and third-party integrations.

Know your web applications work every time

Protect your transactions with Web Application Monitoring by testing complete user scenarios, such as logging in, managing a shopping cart, and making reservations.

  • Stay informed and confident that your web transactions keep working.
  • Lower cart abandonment rates - 20% of abandoned carts are due to faulty checkout experiences.
  • Build your brand, establish a good reputation, and drive more traffic; don’t let glitchy transactions ruin that.
Transaction step timing of finance platform

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Give your IT and SRE teams the right monitoring tools for peak website performance. Spend more of your time focusing on managing your business for long-term growth. Start your free trial today! No commitment and no credit card required.

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