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Read success stories of Uptrends customers, and see how companies benefit from using the variety of solutions we have to offer.

“Uptrends is a must have for our web operations department.”

—Daniel Österhof, Head of Ops at Episerver

“The difference Uptrends has made to the DHL customer experience has been in-measurable.”

—Kelly Griffin, Senior Director CIM at DHL

“We use Uptrends for 24-hour surveillance of our web shop performance.”

—Sebastian Graf, Manager E-commerce at Schiesser

“We couldn’t find anything out there that could do what we needed until we found Uptrends.”

—Kyle Moschetto, Director of DevOps at Bitly Read Use Case

“The alerts allow me to effectively react to downtime from the moment that it starts.”

— Eliana Muñoz, Infrastructure Analyst at Grupo Éxito

“Since we have started using Uptrends, we have improved our RTO metrics significantly.”

— Ernesto DiGiambattista, CTO at Sentinel Benefits

“Uptrends provides us with key metrics concerning the core functions of our clients’ websites.”

— Raj Atwal, Vice President Ecommerce at Tenzing

“Uptrends gives us power, it's accessible, easy to use, and actually quite fun.”

—Steven Andrews, Leader Application Support at Virgin Australia Read Use Case

“Our Operations department has been able to target issues before customers found out.”

—Christoph Drosten, Head of Ops at Buch

“We've been with Uptrends for many years and their advanced abilities never let us down.”

—Ben Woldring, CEO & Founder Bencom Group

“Uptrends allows us to respond to emergencies in a timely manner.”

—Richard Simpson, Manager at DSW

“Uptrends is the Swiss Army Knife of online monitoring, only more versatile and reliable.”

—Marin Karadjov, Senior Technical Support Analyst at Isobar Read Use Case

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