Monitor your website performance and uptime

When your site is malfunctioning or unavailable, you’ll be the first to know

Keep up with your website uptime and performance no matter where you are, or what time it is, with Uptrends Website Monitoring. Uptrends can monitor your website and services, including web services (SOAP, REST API), SLA reports, web applications, client certificates, and SSL certificates. At the first sign of a problem, Uptrends will immediately alert you of the situation so that you can log into your account and perform an advanced root-cause analysis using any number of detailed reports. You can think of it as your go-to tool for ensuring quick and efficient troubleshooting following any downtime or performance issues.

“The difference Uptrends has made to the DHL customer experience has been in-measurable. We have been able to pro-actively monitor our systems, alert our customers to any eCom issue and sorting the issue before a customer is even aware of the problem!” — Kelly Griffin, Senior Director CIM at DHL
“As a longtime client of Uptrends, we have are highly reliant upon the valuable insight the Uptrends monitoring service provides into our clients’ hosted environments.” — Raj Atwal, Vice President Ecommerce at Tenzing
“Uptrends is a must have for our web operations department. We are a global company and with the full range of features included in Uptrends we have the ability to monitor and alert on services from both a local and a global view.” — Daniel Österhof, Head of Operations at EPiServer

Deliver the best website experience, 24/7

Uptime and performance mean everything when it comes to presenting your users with the best online experience. With Uptrends Website Monitoring, you get the tools that you need to help prevent any loss of customers or revenue that result from unexpected website failures or performance problems.

Uptrends offers a series of robust reports displayed on dashboards, downtime and performance alerts, contact management, and the option to adjust your account settings as well as monitor your website from our free mobile app. All of these features help you focus on keeping your website running optimally, inside and out.

Website Performance Monitoring

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Avoid bad publicity

It is more important than ever to ensure around-the-clock access to your website and all its features. With Uptrends, your site can deliver top performance. Get our website monitoring service, and prevent the unwarranted loss of visitors, revenue and customers. Uptrends is the quick, reliable way to maximize uptime and identify slow website pages.

Website Performance Monitoring

Website Performance Monitoring

Optimize your webpage speed and reliability using real data

With Uptrends Web Performance Monitoring, you can easily spot site performance bottlenecks and problems, such as unstable page elements or poor load times, and use data-packed reports to completely optimize your website.

It lets you track nearly any aspect of your performance, including Response Time, Send-Wait-Receive Time, DNS and Connection Time, Time-to-First Byte, Total Download Time, HTTPS Handshake Time, and Total Size of All Page Elements. It is also possible to monitor your Server IP information, and Request/Response Headers. You can even collect data on your images, scripts, stylesheets, and third-party services. Uptrends gives you the full-scope of your web performance so that you can make your site execute perfectly.

Web Application Monitoring

Multi-step transaction monitoring from the end-user perspective

Know whether your web application is running properly by simulating real users engaged in every step of your website multi-step transactions, including login forms, entry forms, and shopping carts, with Uptrends Web Application Monitoring. It collects data from the end-user side using a real browser, so you can easily identify the interaction and performance problems your user’s experience!

The web application monitoring setup is simple – all you need is an Uptrends Website Monitoring account, and our free downloadable Transaction Recorder. Run the recorder as you go through your website, and it will record it as a sample user interaction so it knows how to monitor your multi-step transactions. Once you’re done, it uploads the steps to your account and monitoring begins immediately.

Web Application Monitoring
Website Monitoring Apps

Wherever you go, Uptrends is with you

Mobile website monitoring apps and SMS/E-mail alerts for your smartphone

Website uptime and stability threats don’t go away the moment you step away from your desk. With Uptrends Website Monitoring you can monitor your website status 24/7 using our built-in SMS/E-mail alert system, and our free mobile apps on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, which provide real-time push notifications.

Website monitoring data displayed your way

Your site performance overview delivered by unique dashboards

See your website details and status right out of the box (or browser in this case), with a series of dashboards designed to show the most commonly used reports, or design your own custom dashboard using the individual reports that better fit your needs!

Using Uptrends’ flexible, easy-to-use drag and drop interface, you can select the metrics you need, drag them into position, resize them, and change the way they display your data. All it takes are a few clicks!

Website Performance Overview

Custom dashboards

Uptrends’ intuitive dashboard interface was specifically designed to give you total control over your website monitoring experience, from which metrics you can display, how you display them, and what details are shown – all from a single page.

Root-cause analysis

In the event that your website experiences performance trouble or downtime, being able to pinpoint the cause quickly and efficiently is crucial. Uptrends can generate robust reports to aid you in your advanced root-cause analysis efforts.

Snapshots of errors

When a website fails to load, a browser typically displays an error to let you know what happened. Uptrends monitors your website from a real browser, and can take error snapshots so that you can see what your users see when you try to resolve an issue.

Interactive charts

With Uptrends’ beautiful, interactive charts, you can take full control of your data. Zoom in on the fine details, or select specific date and time ranges to get a closer look at data trends that may represent outages or problems. It is also possible to switch between data tables and visualizations.

E-mail Reports & Export data

Accessing your reports without logging into your account can be done on a daily, monthly, or quarterly basis, thanks to Uptrends’ automated e-mail scheduling system. Want a different format? It is also possible to get .CSV, .PDF, and XML versions or your reports.

Real-time data

Uptrends automatically updates your data, displaying it on your dashboards and tiles in real-time. What you see on your dashboard is exactly what your users are seeing on their end, which helps you stay apprised and “in the know” regarding your uptime status.

A website monitoring service that is easy to manage

Add URLs

Add URLs or transactions

Whether you are looking to perform an HTTP, Real Browser, or Full-Page Check, adding a URL to monitor is easy. All it takes are a few clicks! Need multi-step transaction monitoring? Setup is no problem with our downloadable Transaction Recorder.

Unlimited checkpoints

Unlimited checkpoints

Uptrends Website Monitoring makes it easy to create a customized of checkpoints to monitor your website around-the-clock. We have more than  136 checkpoints located in population centers around the world!

Unlimited contacts

Add unlimited contacts

When it comes to alerts, you want to make sure the right people know what is going on with your website. Uptrends enables you to add unlimited contacts, and specify what alerts they get. And with Uptrends Insight, you can even create separate login details for your contacts!

Escalation levels

Escalation levels and maintenance

Customizable alert level escalation settings empower you to define who gets alerted, and when. You can even control whether your website monitoring alerts go on hold with available maintenance time scheduling.

Monitor pretty much anything with Uptrends Website Monitoring

Detailed SLA reports

Objectively verify your SLA’s from an unbiased third party – Uptrends SLA monitoring can measure compliance and monitor your website’s true uptime and performance.

Client certificates

Certain websites are only accessible for visitors who have specific client certificates. Simply provide the client certificate to us, and our checkpoints will use it to monitor your website.

Web Services

SOAP can help you ensure that your web services are available to all of your end-users. It replicates one or more end-client request, followed by monitoring web service availability and content.

SSL certificates

Ensure that you renew your SSL Certificates on time, and that they are up-to-date and running properly with Uptrends’ SSL Certificate Monitoring.