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Website Monitoring

External, Cloud-based website monitoring software. Monitor your website from more than 136 locations worldwide to ensure the greatest possible uptime from the end-user perspective. Monitor website uptime, website speed, detect errors and receive alerts, even with a real browser. Monitor also HTTPS, client certificates or web services (SOAP). Advanced root-cause analysis, automatic traceroutes and snapshots of errors are included in our website monitoring service.

Website Monitoring Features

End-user monitoring

Monitor website uptime from the end-user perspective from 136 locations worldwide.

HTTP check or Real browser

You can monitor your website based on a regular HTTP check or a real browser.

Snapshots of errors

Uptrends takes snapshots of errors, exactly as your visitors experience them.

Monitor everything!

Monitor HTTP, HTTPS, web services (SOAP) or client certificates.

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  • A monitoring frequency of 1 - 60 minutes (depending on your Uptrends edition)
  • Monitor secured and unsecured URLs
  • HTTP login
  • Content match for each page
  • Timestamp Checks: Verify that a specific date and/or time in webpage content is not older than x minutes
  • Real browser monitoring available
  • Full-page check
  • Monitor multiple pages
  • Monitor from the end-user perspective
  • Enter custom HTTP request headers
  • HTTP Host Headers: Test individual servers in a web cluster
  • Test SOAP web services: Post SOAP envelopes and verify the correct response
  • Generate dynamic date values in URLs or HTTP request content
  • Cache busting: Use a random value as part of your URL

Web Application Monitoring

Monitor multistep processes on your website—including logins, shopping carts and forms—with our real browser web application monitoring service from 136 locations worldwide. Download our Transaction Recorder to quickly and easily create scripts and upload them to your Uptrends web application monitoring account. Get a comprehensive view of each step – see the load times for individual steps and pinpoint issues with our root-cause analysis in the event of an error.

Web Application Monitoring

Real browser

Our web application monitoring service is based on a real browser, so it simulates real visitors, users and customers while monitoring every step of a transaction.

Monitor multiple steps

Monitor multiple steps such as forms, logins, shopping baskets and more on your website.

Transaction Recorder

Click and navigate through your site, simulating the actions of your site visitors. We record every click, selection and any text you type. Upload the transaction to your account.

Load time of each step

You will have access to detailed dashboards that are designed to give you insight on the load time of the complete transactions as well as each individual step of a transaction.

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  • Web Application Monitoring with a real browser
  • Monitoring frequency of 1 - 60 minutes
  • Ability to monitor unlimited steps
  • Log in, click on links, fill in forms, perform content checks
  • Fill in date-dependent values and search for dynamic keywords
  • Transaction Recorder: Quickly record and upload transactions to your account. This powerful tool lets you capture all the actions performed in a browser... and it is free!
  • The Transaction Recorder supports AJAX-enabled websites
  • Divide the transaction into steps, giving each step a name
  • Save the recording for future editing
  • View the load time of each step in the Uptrends reports
  • Receive alerts when a transaction step is slow or malfunctioning
  • Detect performance issues
  • Monitor secure sites, too
  • Cache/hide cookies
  • Select as many checkpoints as you want, without added fees

Website Performance Monitoring

Real browser website performance monitoring from 136 locations worldwide that will give you insight on the load time of your HTML pages and will help improve the speed of your website. View rich waterfall reports to gain insight on the load time of each element of your webpages such as images and scripts. Use the website performance monitoring service to optimize load time and reduce issues of third-party content such as ads, analytics and social-media scripts. After all, better website performance improves your conversion rate and builds revenue.

Website Performance Monitoring Features

Real browser

Monitor uptime, errors and load time (in detail) with a real browser, exactly the way your visitors experience each element of your webpage.

Waterfall reports

The report shows the load times of all elements in an easy-to-read visual format. It helps you maximize the speed of your site by pinpointing areas where performance should be improved.

Third-party content monitoring

Use the website performance monitoring service to optimize load time and reduce issues of third-party elements such as ads, analytics and social-media scripts.

Domain groups

We divide all underlying elements of your website into domain groups and distinguish them between first- and third-party elements, such as First Party, CDN, Social, Statistics, Ads etc.

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  • Web Performance Monitoring with a genuine browser: The timing of each element is exactly as it happens in your browser!
  • Monitor with a frequency of 1 - 60 minutes.
  • Monitor each element of the HTML page, including style sheets, images, and first- and third-party scripts.
  • Waterfall chart: All elements embedded in a page to help analyze the performance of your website and show you which element slows down your page.
  • Check for the maximum size (in bytes) of the entire page, including all downloaded page elements.
  • Check for the maximum size (in bytes) for a single page element (e.g., script, image or style sheet).
  • Load time limits for the entire page
  • Check for errors on page elements (e.g. missing images)
  • Generate errors when failure occurs with a certain percentage of page elements. For example: give an alert when at least 10% of the page's elements fail.
  • The ability to ignore errors for elements that come from external websites, for example, an external web analytics or ad server script
  • Include/exclude third-party content
  • Precise measurements per element: Resolve time, TCP Connection time, HTTPS handshake time, Send time, Wait time, Receive time
  • HTTP request and response headers for each element in the waterfall let you verify that the CDN-server that was used is at the expected location
  • The interactive filter inspects specific sets of files, detect duplicates and unexpected number of files or file sizes
  • Interactive tooltips: Hover over each row in the waterfall to see detailed measurement data per element

Internal network and server monitoring

Internal and external network and server monitoring that works from the Cloud, right out of the box. Uptrends server monitoring service is agent-based monitoring from the Cloud for all your network devices such as servers, routers, switches, printers, PCs and more. You can even use it to monitor every aspect of your Windows server or Linux server such as CPU, disk space, processes and memory. With our server monitoring service, you can use many different protocols out of the box, including SNMP, WMI, connect, ping (ICMP) and more to monitor network devices. Create custom dashboards and personalize the data you want to see. Use our 136 global checkpoints to monitor your website or server outside the firewall.

Internal Network Monitoring Features

Agent based server monitoring

To monitor within your network, we perform the checks on one of your servers, and push the results back to our servers. This involves running our agent software: a small satellite application. It can run on either a Windows or Linux server.

Monitor every device

You can monitor every device in your network such as Windows Server, Linux Server (Debian, CentOS and Ubuntu) or routers, PCs, printers, CPU, bandwith, memory, disk space etc.

Different protocols

Use SNMP monitoring, ping, connect, HTTP or performance counters (Windows and Linux) to monitor every element of your network.


All communication takes place over secure connections using HTTPS traffic. Perhaps the most important aspect of keeping your environment and data safe is that we encrypt your passwords in such a way that they can only be used by you.

External server monitoring

Monitor your server outside the firewall from 136 locations worldwide with Uptrends external server monitoring. You can monitor different server protocols such as DNS, SSL certificates, POP3, SMTP, FTP, Ping, Connect, SQL, MySQL and more. With Uptrends you get a 360-degree perspective on the performance of your network and servers.

External Server Monitoring Features

Outside the firewall

Uptrends will monitor your server externally from outside your firewall, ensuring the reliability of your server. To monitor your server, you can use an unrestricted number of user-defined checkpoints from our global monitoring network.

Different server protocols

The Uptrends server monitoring service makes it possible to monitor a variety of different protocols including HTTP, HTTPS, connect, ping, SMTP, POP3, FTP, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Webservice HTTP, Webservice HTTPS and DNS.

Mail server protocols

You can monitor your e-mail server with our POP3 and SMTP protocols. This way, the availability of your e-mail server is ensured.

Advanced checks

We offer advanced checks such as advanced DNS monitoring where you can perform DNS health checks to be sure your DNS servers are always working properly. We also offer FTP monitoring and SSL certificate monitoring.

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  • Server Monitoring: Monitor with a frequency of 1 - 60 minutes (depending on your Uptrends edition)
  • Web services: Webservice HTTP, webservice HTTPS
  • Mail servers: SMTP, POP3
  • Database servers: Microsoft SQL server, MySQL
  • Advanced checks: DNS, FTP
  • Network checks: Ping, Connect
  • User name/password authentication on all applicable protocols

Website Security Monitoring

As a website owner, you need to be confident that the site handles sensitive data in a secure way. Uptrends website security monitoring lets you monitor several security aspects of your website such as the expiration and fingerprints of SSL certificates. You can also perform advanced DNS health checks from 136 locations worldwide. In any case, you will be the first to know if anyone tries to hack your DNS servers.

Website Security Monitoring Features

DNS server

The most common item you might want to verify is whether your domain name is still pointing to the IP address of your web server. By monitoring this DNS query directly, we will detect any DNS problems before your website becomes unavailable to visitors and customers.

DNS health checks

Uptrends' DNS probe lets you conduct extensive DNS health checks. For example, you can verify your website domain names (A and CNAME records), mail-server domain name mappings (MX records), DNS zone delegates (NS records), authoritative information about DNS zones (SOA records) and other DNS information.

SSL certificate expiration

The SSL certificate probe type lets you define how many days in advance that you want to receive an alert prior to your SSL certificates' expiration date. This ensures that you will have enough time to renew it. If the certificate expires, Uptrends will send you an alert when we detect the expiration of your SSL certificate.

SSL certificate fingerprints

Uptrends will check for a number of properties that should have fixed values in the certificate, including the organization name, serial number, issuer name, etc. If one of these properties is different, Uptrends will alert you immediately.

Dashboards Made Easy

The Uptrends dashboards show real-time information about the network, server or website performance. Quick, sophisticated reporting turns data into useful information, so you can act promptly and effectively. The data from each report is accessible, so users can drill down, select a specific time period and explore the data impacting their website, network or server. See information as it happens with real-time website, network or server performance dashboards. You can use standard or customizable dashboards.

Uptrends Dashboards

Standard dashboards

As part of your Uptrends account, you will have access to dozens of detailed reports. You can use them to optimize the performance, and you can drill down for even greater detail. We take snapshots of real errors, exactly what your visitors will see when there is an error.

Custom dashboards

Uptrends makes it easy to create personalized dashboards and define how you want to see them. We designed Uptrends to give you total control over your dashboards. Utilize our flexible, easy-to-use interface and personalize the data you track at the end-user level. 

Share information

Share data with your team members or customers. Export data or schedule recurring, tailor-made e-mail reports. Use the API to transfer data to your own environment.

Optimized for PC, tablet and phone

Our monitoring service can be optimized for use on a PC, tablet or smartphone. Wherever you are—from the office to the beach—Uptrends delivers access and helps optimize your network, server or website performance.

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  • Use our default reports or create your own personalized dashboards with drag-and-drop ease
  • Drag and drop each element of your dashboards through an intuitive interface. Switch from tables to sophisticated data visualization in a single click.
  • Real-time updates, dashboards refresh automatically. There's no lag between what you're seeing and what's actually happening within our server and website monitoring tool.
  • Beautiful, interactive charts let you zoom in on your data and drill down to the details of any outage
  • Keep an eye on your websites and servers wherever you are: Uptrends is optimized for your tablet to XXL monitor
  • Share data with your team members or customers. Export data to PDF or Excel or schedule recurring tailor made e-mail reports. Use the API to transfer data to your own environment.
  • View reports in standard or specific time periods
  • Statistical data is retained for at least two years
  • An error occurrence automatically triggers a traceroute
  • Immediately view the HTML result of an error
  • View snapshots of errors
  • Consultancy Reports: Generate on-the-fly PDF reports for your customers, containing fixed sets of reports. Customize the titles, footer text, language and time period… even customer logos!

Notifications and alerts

Monitoring your websites, network and servers doesn't stop when you are away from the office. That is why we send alerts via SMS and e-mail. Get the benefit of constant access to all your performance data by downloading our free iPhone, Android or Windows apps. Go on, close that laptop and get away from the office. Uptrends covers it all for you.

Website Monitoring Notifications and Alerts

Receive SMS and e-mail alerts

Receive SMS alerts on your mobile phone in the event of a failure. Because we always double-check from two different monitoring locations, you will never get a false alert.

iPhone, Android, Windows apps

Get the benefit of 24/7 access to all your website performance and server data. Download our free iPhone, Android or Windows Phone app to easily manage your settings and receive instant push notifications.

Escalation levels and Maintenance

Uptrends makes it easy to define escalation and alert settings. Configure rules and settings on individual or group level, define who should receive an alert and when and add maintenance windows.

Add unlimited users

Uptrends' multi-user feature enables operations teams to share a common monitoring solution without having to share a common login. Different users can have role-based views that are filtered or partitioned according to their interests or responsibilities.

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  • Define time-out and performance thresholds
  • Different gateways in each continent for issuance of SMS alerts
  • No false alerts: Errors are cross-checked from a second checkpoint
  • Receive alerts whenever the website or server is down
  • Receive alerts when a website page, transaction step is slow
  • Verify the absence/presence of content on a page
  • Add unlimited contact people
  • Create operator groups
  • Define alerts and escalation levels, who should be alerted and when
  • Schedule maintenance
  • Receive an "OK" message alert when the site/server is up again
  • Specify extra e-mail addresses (non-users) to which copies of alerts will be sent

Global Monitoring Network

Uptrends will monitor your website or server from more than 136 different locations worldwide . Remember, location is everything. Your customers are everywhere, so your testing network should be too. You will be able to view the end-user experience exactly as your visitors and customers do. You can use as many checkpoints as you want without paying extra.

Global Website Monitoring Network

136 Checkpoints

Monitor website uptime from the end-user perspective from 136 locations worldwide. Location is everything. Your visitors are everywhere, so your testing network should be too.

The end-user perspective

You can monitor your website based on a regular HTTP check or a real browser. Experience what your customers and users do by monitoring your websites from the same locations they are accessing them from.

Checkpoints on every continent

Uptrends has checkpoints on every continent. Go global and keep tabs on your site from the same location where your customers access it.


Our Backbone nodes are located in Tier 1 datacenters and ISPs. Monitoring from Backbone nodes reduces noise in data and prevents data pollution. 

Free Online Tools

In addition to the continuous monitoring of your website or server, Uptrends provides free online tools to perform instant tests on your server and website performance. With our server and website uptime check tool you can verify the performance of your site, pages and elements, and then generate a detailed report.

Free Online Website Monitoring Tools

Website performance

Use our free website performance tool to monitor each element of your webpage and optimize website speed. See which images and scripts slow down your webpage. You can monitor it from different locations worldwide and even check third-party content.

Website uptime check

Uptrends makes it easy to analyze the uptime and performance of your website from different locations worldwide. You can see whether your website is available, and you will know how much time is needed to connect and access the website.


Perform a free traceroute to your website from cities and countries around the world. This can help identify the routing problems or firewalls that may prevent customer access to your site.

DNS check

Verify the DNS performance of your website by checking it from cities and countries around the world. This is vitally important, because the DNS (Domain Name System) is one of the most important services on the Internet.

SLA Monitoring

Monitor SLA objectives with an independent third party. Define SLA settings for uptime, load time and operator response. Uptrends is the quick, comprehensive performance-reporting tool for today's IT professional and website operator.

Ensure high standards

Measure SLA compliance and take action to ensure your online reputation.

Online and e-mail reports

Send customers online and e-mail reports on SLA performance.

Multiple SLAs

Set multiple (and unlimited) SLA settings with individual SLA goals, and activate them for specific days and times.

SLA per customer

Create a unique login for each customer, who can then access the SLA reports.