Multi-step API Monitoring

APIs fuel your business; know when they break

Use our advanced, Multi-step API Monitoring to check your APIs for performance, function, and uptime. Build your API scenarios easily.

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Multi-step monitoring

Test your APIs from top to bottom by setting up multiple HTTP requests. Retrieve data from each request and use it to perform tasks in other steps.

Monitor for performance

Check the performance of every request, and set assertions for maximum response times. Spot trends in your performance dashboards.

Verify API functionality

Test redirects, authentication, perform CRUD, or any other API interaction. Monitor for result codes, and check if your API returns expected content.

Test from 233 locations

Monitor your APIs from 233 global checkpoints. Use Concurrent Monitoring to test from several locations simultaneously.

Get alerted immediately

With tests as frequent as every minute, you will know the moment your API is in trouble with alerts and escalations from Uptrends.

Easy setup

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist. We built an intuitive, easy to understand step-builder that everyone can use.

Testimonial photo of customer
“API Monitoring helps us to get as much information as we can to diagnose underlying problems.”
Steven Andrews, Leader Application Support at Virgin Australia

Have full control

You will have full control over the HTTP request content. Set the HTTP method, URL, request headers, and request body for each request.

Define assertions

With assertions, you set up detailed checks for each response. Verify the HTTP status code, content checks, request duration, and more.

Add authentication

Access your protected APIs with authentication methods (Basic, NTLM, Digest, and OAuth) or use two-factor authentication (OAuth 2.0) in a few simple clicks.

RegEx pattern matching

Use multiple regular expressions to set up complex pattern matching regardless of whether your API returns XML or JSON responses.

Pull data from request to request

Each step has the ability to create new variables and has access to the stored variables that are created by other steps, so you can re-use previously captured data in any part of your scenarios.

API Monitoring requests with stored variables and data

Take it step-by-step

By using Uptrends' multi-step API monitoring, you can set up extremely powerful scenarios. And the fun thing is you don’t need any programming skills to start building!

Configure steps easily

We won’t call it plug and play, but you don’t have to be a whiz kid to start monitoring. Seriously, everyone can set up complex scenarios at ease.

Inspect detailed reports

Inspect detailed step reports that include the total duration, HTTP status code, passed or failed assertions, and request and response headers.

Know when APIs break

With tests as often as every minute, you’ll know the moment your API is in trouble. Get alerts by SMS, email, voice, webhooks, or integrations like Slack.

Using Custom Metrics

You may want to track other numeric data returned from your API endpoints. If your API sends the data, it’s easy to track it with Custom Metrics.

You’re one step away from complete API Monitoring

We’ve got plenty of articles to help you get started monitoring your APIs. Your 30-day free trial opens the way to API Monitoring and more. The trial expires automatically, and you don’t need a credit card, so why not give it a try?

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